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Tuhka- Designer Clothing Store

Tuhka is a conception for a designer clothing boutique. The brand conceives of its clothing as “bare”, “natural”, yet an extravagance; believing that the ability to connect to one’s bare self is a luxury attainable only by few. The design is based on the concept of Freud’s personality theory that saw the psyche structured into three parts- the id, ego and superego, all developing at different stages in our lives.

The marble floors, Id and glazed concrete walls,superego  aim to achieve a balance between necessity and luxury. The black lacquered glass encloses the otherwise vastness of the space making one feel present in the moment. The central cage consisting of some of the most exquisite pieces is made of wrought iron, as is every other metal rack in the space, keeping a duality with the black lacquered glass. Led panels light up the displays as well as keep the ambient lighting striking yet soft.

Presence of any being in the space, as the ego, creates a cosmic harmony between one and their surroundings.

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