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Senegal Elementary School 


Year- 2020

Project status- Concept

Area- 920 sq m

Team- Studio Va/U, Akash Ganguly, Saaket Sharma  



Sambou toura Drame is a project based on the principles of holistic education though community participation. Based in a hot and humid climate, the walls of the project is completely constructed with CSEB bricks, some of which are semi permeable. Then the walls are layered on the outside with lime and natural paint. All the walls sit under a wooden framework that spills into the courtyards. This wooden frame keeps the corrugated metal sheet on the roof apart from the walls spilling light and air into the classrooms. The windows and doors are made of pivoted wooden frames filled in with bamboo and straw wickerwork. The entirety of the structure is to be built by the villagers enabling them with the skillset to build further structures of their own.

The school is designed to collect most of its rainwater, to an efficiency of 85%, storing them in four ferrocement tanks, placed at two corners of the site. The water could be used for the toilets as well as for drinking and watering the orchard. Optionally, with the abundance rainwater in the rainy seasons, these tanks could be left open to the community for a certain part of the day as a source of clean water. The proposed toilets have a composting system yielding compost that can be used for cultivation, in addition to the compost derived from the aerobic vermicompost bins placed on site for recycling hundred percent of its organic waste.

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