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Kolkata Museum of Modern Art


Year- 2020

Project status- Concept

Area- 50000 sq m

Team- Studio Va/U



The design concept has 4 distinct aspects

The use of labyrinth form which is essentially

i)management of circulation

ii)free circulation from core to specific satellites

Galleries are well connected with ramps and the spatial organisation should be well resolved.

The Cubism movement was one of the most integral movement of Modern Art, it is used in this concept to morph the solid state of brutalism and make them more dynamic, such as the modern art. The integrity of brutalism is maintained by the homogenous use of concrete as a material. Butalism is adopted to potray what the birth of modern art stood for, which was to oppose the predecessor . In this concept, brutalism is used.


Site Plan




View of the Main Gallery Block


View of the Open Air Theatre

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